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When silicone quality, performance and consistency are of the essence, NuSil maintains its standing as the industry leader with its broad array of unrestricted products - including primers, adhesives and elastomers - for consideration of use in long-term, implantable medical devices.

In 1993, a major silicone materials supplier withdrew its materials from the market, creating an availability crisis for silicone used in long-term implantable devices. NuSil Technology - with its extensive, first-hand knowledge of the products in question - responded quickly and seamlessly provided more than 25 replacement products.

ISO 9001-certified, NuSil ensures that all materials are manufactured and processed under strictly controlled conditions and are completely traceable. FDA Masterfiles and test data compendia are available for most of NuSil's unrestricted products.

For more than 20 years, NuSil has advanced the standards for manufacturing silicone products for the medical industry, which allows us to offer an unparalleled consistency in our standard and custom formulations.

What? Where? When? If it's NuSil, it's no problem.