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Always on the cutting edge, NuSil continues to meet the demands of the latest medical innovations by offering a complete line of high-quality restricted silicone adhesives, elastomers, fluids, and gels.

NuSil Technology expanded upon its expertise in the unrestricted medical device field and developed its line of high-performance restricted silicones to offer competitively priced materials for use in external applications - such as extrusion, calendaring and molding - or for medical devices implanted in the body up to 29 days.

NuSil is ISO 9001-certified, and all materials are manufactured and processed under strictly controlled conditions and are completely traceable. Many of these silicone biomaterials are used in applications requiring USP Class VI certifications, and full testing is offered.

For more than 30 years, NuSil has advanced the standards for manufacturing silicone products, which allows us to offer an unparalleled consistency in our standard and custom formulations.

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