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Working with a great variety of industries requires the type of flexibility and ingenuity NuSil Technology offers. As a provider of silicone materials to the aerospace and electronics industries, NuSil develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-value silicone products for industrial customers around the world.

NuSil Technology offers the most extensive line of aerospace-applicable silicone materials in the industry - from adhesives for defense and aerospace programs, to sealants and coatings for commercial and military space programs. We also offer optically clear materials for solar cell adhesion and cover glass adhesion.

In the electronics arena, NuSil offers thermally conductive materials, adhesive potting compounds and electrically conductive materials, as well as fast-curing silicones.

When it comes to photonics, NuSil's Lightspan brand of products - which includes high-refractive index matching adhesives, encapsulants and thermosets - guarantees precise, custom formulations and unmatched quality.

Our Research and Development laboratories are available to customize any of our materials to meet your specific needs. In addition, because of our commitment to excellence, our silicone materials set the standard for quality, reliability and performance.

What? When? Where? If it's NuSil, it's no problem.

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