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Flexibility. Without it, NuSil wouldn't be the industry-leading silicone company it is today. NuSil develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-value silicone materials for a broad spectrum of applications and delivers them to electronics industry customers around the world.

NuSil offers thermally and electrically conductive materials, adhesive potting compounds and encapsulants, as well as fast-curing silicones. Our low outgassing materials are comprised of our EPM product line (Electronic Packaging Materials) and our CV product line (Controlled Volatility). Both product lines help electronics and opto-electronics systems remain contaminant-free. While our EPM materials conform to a rigorous weight loss test, NuSil's CV products conform to ASTM Test Method E 595 requirements. In addition, our chip-packaging materials have a relatively low modulus, eliminating the stresses caused by extensive temperature cycling.

We can customize any of our materials to meet your property needs. And, our commitment to excellence means that our silicone materials set the standard for quality, reliability and performance.

What? Where? When? If it's NuSil, It's no problem.