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RoHS Compliance

Customers interested in RoHS standard compliance should contact our Regulatory Support department.

NuSil is REACh ready. Read more about how NuSil is reacting to the new REACh requirements.

As a leading formulator and manufacturer of silicone compounds for healthcare, aerospace, electronics and photonics applications, count on NuSil to develop and deliver standard and customized silicone compounds designed to efficiently meet your unique property requirements.

What? When? Where? If it's NuSil, it's no problem.

Latest Press Releases

Jan 31, 2014

“Protective Silicone Coatings” Presented at SSPC Greencoat February 11, 2014

Mark Vedder of NuSil’s Aerospace & Defense business unit will present “Protective Silicone Coatings”, at SSPC Greencoat. The presentation will cover new ways silicone materials can be used to protect structure exteriors and internal components to help optimize equipment performance.

Jan 30, 2014

New CareSil Brand Wins Formulation Award at COSMETAGORA 2014

CareSil has won a Formulation Award at COSMETAGORA 2014 for its unique water in silicone (W/Si) Mousse Velours (“Velvet Mousse”) foundation that delivers a lighter, fresher feel than traditional silicone-based alternatives. Combining 30% water with CareSil’s high-purity silicone elastomer gel, CXG-1104, this product looks like a mousse, feels natural like skin and spreads evenly and smoothly.

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NYSCC May 13-14
MP3 May 20
SAMPE Tech June 2-5
MD&M East June 10-12
OLED Expo June 24-27

Latest Whitepapers

Feb 10, 2014

Elution of Dexamethasone Acetate into Buffered Saline Solution through a Silicone Elastomer Using Excipients

This study evaluated influential factors on the elution rate of a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug from a cured silicone matrix into a physiological environment.

Careers at NuSil

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